Student Support

In St. Michael’s we promote and facilitate the development of Student Voice, participation, and leadership.


Prefects are selected from the incoming Sixth Year Group of students. Students who are interested may be asked to complete an application form. Staff are requested to make known their opinion to the Principal/Deputy Principal on those who are nominated.

A panel of staff consisting of Principal/Deputy Principal, Year Head and the Staff Member in charge of Prefects then select the students deemed to be most suitable for this position. Criteria for selection include attendance, punctuality, behaviour record and previous involvement in school activities. The number of prefects may vary from year to year depending on the size of the year group, number of nominations and number of prefects required for duties.

The prefect duties include support for first and second year students, assisting with fundraising events and other activities organised by the Head-Girl and Deputy Head Girl(s).

The Positions of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl(s) are filled by a process of application from the incoming Sixth Year Group. Those who wish to be considered are requested to complete an application form. A panel consisting of Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Head, Outgoing Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl interview all applicants.

Student Council

The school has a Students’ Council consisting of students elected from each class in the school. Meetings are led by the Head Girl & Deputy Head Girl and attended by the coordinator of the Student Council, who is a member of the staff. In accordance with the Education Act (1998), the Student Council ‘promotes the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the Board of Management, parents and teachers’.

The teacher involved with the Students’ Council is Ms. McCormack.

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